Will Tablets Take Over Desktop Computers?

Technology has come a long ways since the first computers. Tablets, though still in their first generations, are making a huge impression. In the next few years, they may just take over desktop computers.

A tablet can be thought of as a giant smart phone with better computing abilities. It is made to be sleek, portable and functional. The thousands of apps available for tablets make doing just about anything possible. Tablets found their rise 2010 and 2011, and since then millions and millions of them have been sold world wide.

Researchers predict that tablets will quickly become the population’s new favorite. Critics, however, debate that the device cannot replace a desktop computer all together. Even as tablets develop and become more functional, they are still new and limited in their capabilities. Computers will still be needed for many things, especially for those in technology related fields.

Furthermore, the design of the tablet is far different from a laptop or computer. Many people find using the device to be a bit awkward, and don’t see it as a practical replacement for a laptop or computer. It is simply a luxury.

Tablets are also still expensive, when keeping quality in mind. The prices can range anywhere from 100 to 2000, depending on the size, features and brand. A new 100 tablet would be of questionable quality. It can be predicted that once a standard, good tablet is available for 300 – 500, similar to smart phones, they will gain even more popularity.

Though desktop computers will most likely always be needed for many things, tablets appear to be growing as the general population’s preference. In the next couple of years, tablets may become standard for everything. Though they may not take over and wipe out desktops, tablets may dent the market.