What You’re NOT Doing With Your Laptop

Whether you use your laptop to visit debt settlement family or to play live-action video games you’re likely missing out on a few of its key functions. For the layman a laptop is no more than a processor – here are a few of the things we love to do with our machines:
Use it as a photo processor: Most laptops are equipped with the ability to edit and print photos just as well as any drug store. If you buy photo paper and a laser printer you’ve practically got a photo shop in your own home. We like Picasa for our editing purposes.
Use it as a phone: With so many cheap VOIP options on the market these days it’s hard to understand why anyone would still have a home phone. Your laptop allows you to Skype with people across the world without burning through any cell minutes – why not invest in this new technology?
Use it as a radio: Pandora has paved the way for streaming radio over the web and traditional boom boxes are so pass. Use your machine as a music player but make sure you’ve got an upgraded speaker system for the best sound.

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