How to Fix the White Screen Of Death on an iPod

Fixing a white screen of death on an iPod simple to do. One approach to fixing an it is attempting a hard reboot. To perform a hard reboot, you hold both the “Home” and power button. Continue to hold until half of a minute has passed, or until you see the Apple logo. This may solve the problem.

If a hard reboot does not fix the white screen of death, connect your iPod to a computer and open iTunes. iTunes may detect a problem within the iPod. If it is so, perform a “Restore iPod.” This will restore your iPod to factory settings, so if the problem was caused by programming defect, the restored iPod will not have it and operate normally. However, restoring an iPod deletes all data that is on the disk, so backup any songs and files before attempting this step.

If neither of the two methods mentioned do not solve the white screen of death, you may have to send your iPod to Apple. However, do not attempt physically meddle with your iPod in a way that involves disassembling it, as this may void your warranty, therefore meaning it cannot be sent to Apple to be repaired.

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