How the New 3-D Phones Work

In the Android smartphone market, many of the new devices that are being manufactured feature 3D technology. Unlike 3D movies that originated in the 1980s, these cutting edge phones do not require 3D glasses in order to be viewed. For the average individual, it is confusing as to how exactly these smartphones work.

The reason that 3D smartphones work is because they are equipped with a special type of technology that utilizes autostereoscopic displays. These displays use what is known as a parallax barrier, a layer of material that includes several slits that allow the eye to see a number of pixels at once. This technology creates the sensation of depth, which provides the illusion of 3D. Some of the most popular examples of a 3D smartphone are HTC Evo 3D, which is available through Sprint and the LG Optimus that is carried by T-Mobile USA. 3D phones are desired by some people because of the incredible visual experience they provide.

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