10 Ways to Free Up Space on Your Hard Drive

Let-s face it, your hard drive is always going to fill up. The trick is finding ways to free up space so that you can continue to use the drive. Here are 10 easy ways to free up some space

1. Defragment your hard drive, you should be doing this periodically anyway!
2.Run Scandisk utility on the drive, select to have it delete log files and get some extra room.
3.Delete temporary Internet files: located in the “Internet Options’ icon in your Control Panel.
4.Delete cookies from your browser
5. Delete Java cache files- check in the control panel for a Java Icon.
6.Remove programs you no longer need by using the windows control panel.
7.Move pictures and documents to an external drive or to discs, not only is this a good practice but it can free up a lot of space on your main drive.
8.Compress your hard drive files to conserve space; you can also select to “compress Large Files’ only.
9.Remove old podcasts from programs like ITunes that you may not be listening to, or haven-t listened to in a long time.
10.Empty your recycle bin on your desktop. You would be amazed how often this is overlooked.

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